Three to See – Alternative Liverpool

Liverpool is without question one of the UK's greatest cities. A vibrant mix of heritage and culture, commerce and nightlife, it offers something for every visitor to enjoy - and a few surprises they might not have been expecting. For in among the exceptional architecture, the bustling docks, the retail havens and the characteristically welcoming …

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Berlin’s Hidden Gem – Museum Nikolaikirche

One of the delights of visiting a city is finding the hidden gems. They are the sort of places where locals outnumber tourists (or, better still, where you find yourself entirely alone), and where you are provided with an authentic sense of the history, culture and atmosphere without the need for a guide book or …

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Worldly Wonders: Bruges’ Windmills

We travel to discover something new. A place, a sight, a feeling. It was my third visit to Bruges and this time I wanted to find the little marks on the map that looked like buried treasure. To not only see them, but to absorb their atmosphere and history too. An x marks the spot, …

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Travel Must-See – The Begijnhof, Bruges

On a cool but bright Autumn morning I walked from my hotel to the centre of Bruges and realised this was it - I felt at home. It was my first visit to this miniature medieval masterpiece, and I was instantly swept away by the tranquil buildings yawning in the rising light, the still waterways …

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A Hidden Gem – The Portico Library

It's late morning on a Saturday and the city centre of Manchester is brimming with activity. The streets are filled with people with things to do and places to be. The shop tills ring, the cappucino machines squeal, and delicious smells waft their way from street food vendors. It is unashamedly vibrant, outspoken and proud; …

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How to Pick a Holiday for Beginners

Booking your first holiday is daunting. With the whole wide world and endless activities and attractions on offer, narrowing down your list can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Maybe you've always relied on a family member or partner to book your trips, or perhaps it's your very first time travelling. Even the seasoned globetrotter …

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Five Travel Hacks You Really Must Try

When I first started travelling, I did my research. I would spend hours trawling through websites, scouring for the best blogs, picking up second-hand copies of Lonely Planet from the charity shop, and taking out stacks of books from the library (as you can tell, I'm also a frugal traveller). However, there are some things …

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