France on Film

After finishing my A-levels, I took a year out to earn a little money and life experience before university. I worked in a hotel in the middle of the countryside for four months. With little else to do other than watch the rain, walk in the rain, or sleep while it rained, I took to watching films. Lots of films.

Luckily one of my colleagues was happy to help, and introduced me to many fantastic films including my all-time favourite – Amélie. With its quirky heroine (played by Audrey Tautou), music by Yann Tiersen, and iconic imagery of Paris, it has fuelled my love of France ever since.

As my dreams of moving abroad have grown and my determination to learn French has increased, I’ve taken to scouring charity shops for any films related to my favourite country. I now have a bookshelf brimming with all-things French – here are some of my top picks…

  1. La Vie En Rose – An utterly compelling and absorbing depiction of the beloved French singer Edith Piaf, this is a must-see for the music, the heartbreaking true story, and for the amazing performance by Marion Cotillard.
  2. Midnight in Paris – Owen Wilson is wonderful as an aspiring writer and hopeless romantic travelling back in time to Paris’s celebrated literary and artistic periods. Worth watching for the beautiful shots of the city alone.
  3. Two Days in Paris – This indie film is a great watch despite its sad story. It’s a very funny depiction of the ‘real’ France/Paris and offers an entertaining and contemporary perspective on love, travel and family.
french selection image.jpg
Image by rachel_typing

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