An Education – Triennale Bruges 2018

It may be small, but a weekend in Bruges is rarely idle. There are boat rides and horse carriages to see the sights, numerous museums and galleries to discover, countless chocolate shops to sample, and plenty of pubs and cafes to pick up a much-needed refreshment, leaving precious little time for anything new.

However, it’s well worth making time for the Triennale Bruges, a contemporary arts festival that takes place every three years at outdoor locations and venues across the city.

This year’s ‘Liquid City’ theme features an incredible variety of waterborne creations; some highlighting the existing beauty of the waterways, while others juxtapose vividly using bright colours and contemporary materials.

One of the most evocative artworks is ‘MFS III – Minne Floating School’ by Nle Kunle Adeyemi, located on the Minnewater opposite the beautiful Begijnhof. This simple wooden construction provides a space for learners where they can benefit from the calming surroundings and escape the distractions of modern-day living (and, indeed, teaching).

The concept is a powerful one for global education – many communities simply cannot afford the space, time, money and resources to create and maintain a school. However, this simple raft-like structure, unobtrusive on a small expanse of water, could provide the answer.

Visitors can see the school being used for its intended purpose during the course of the festival, which runs from 5 May to 16 September 2018 (admission is free). For more information on this year’s festival including artists, locations and events, visit

The Floating School Bruges 2018 - Rachel Wade.jpg
Triennale Bruges 2018 – Image by rachel_typing

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