E_Venture: CELTA Success!

This week I completed the CELTA course. Nine teaching practices, four assignments, and several late evenings and long weekends of study sessions, observing classes, preparing lessons and furious note-taking… and here I am. A qualified EFL teacher!

My last lesson was perhaps my favourite. My theme was ‘happiness’ focusing on reading and modal verbs with an Upper Intermediate group of learners from a colourful variety of backgrounds.

I couldn’t tell you the hours I put into it – researching ideas, brushing up on my grammar knowledge, dreaming about lesson stages and timings – but every second was worth it to see the students not only learning but smiling, too.

It has been a long journey but one of the most rewarding of my life. This time last year, I felt lost. I blamed myself. I felt I had reached a dead end, and wasn’t sure where to turn. I always thought I’d make a terrible teacher, but I’ve loved proving myself wrong. I feel confident, capable, and now have the opportunity to follow a career I hope I’ll love.

My next steps are, of course, to teach – in a professional school, with international students and coursebooks and the chance to put my skills to the real test. That will be my summer, then afterwards – who knows? It’s always been my dream to move abroad, and now I actually have an opportunity to.

Let the adventure begin!




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