E_Venture: CELTA So Far

I’m a third of the way through my part-time CELTA course and it’s already been an amazing learning experience. I’ve taught four lessons, completed two assignments, discovered new theories and ideas, revised old knowledge from my school days, and have made new friends.

Before applying for the CELTA, I read countless online blogs to find out more. The key word across them all was ‘intense’, and the course has been exactly that. I thought that studying part-time would be a little more manageable, and I have experience of hard graft from my BA and MA, but it’s a completely different experience with the CELTA.

There is such a lot of information to absorb, and you’re thrown straight in the deep end with teaching. I’m at college 14 hours a week (alongside 37+ at my full-time job), but your mind is constantly thinking about your next lesson or assignment.

Devising lessons to suit your students, fulfil the brief, and then preparing all the
materials (see below) and plans ahead, takes up an incredible amount of time. You’re also learning about grammar, classroom management, phonetics, concept checking, and countless other topics that are often completely new.

celta resources1

I have probably felt every emotion possible – from the elation of seeing my students engaged in an activity, to the misery of failing my first assignment (it happens with CELTA – thankful, you can resubmit). While it has been a challenge, it has also been incredibly rewarding and I haven’t been this engaged and motivated in a long, long time.

I honestly love it.

Perhaps the most surprising thing has been the new friends I’ve made. Throughout university, I’ve always kept to myself and focused on my studies. With CELTA, it has been a journey I’ve shared with the four other fantastic people on my course. We come from very different backgrounds and all have our own motivations for doing the course, but we have rallied together and have supported each other from the start.

You can find out more about the CELTA programme here.


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