A Crafter’s Christmas 2017

There are many reasons to enjoy Christmas – from the bright lights and beautiful decorations, to the crisp cold nights curled up with a book or a film, to feasting with friends and fun with the family, and the chance to indulge.

For me, as for many, all of these festivities wouldn’t be quite as magical without a touch of the homemade. Whether it’s a knitted scarf wrapped in hand-printed paper or a clay creation taking pride of place on the tree; perhaps a box of biscuits from a favourite recipe, or just a letter to a loved one, nothing spreads Christmas cheer quite like a craft.

Here are a handful of seasonal hands-on ideas you might like to try…

For cards and labels that will make them smile – Release your inner toddler and get creative with potato printing! Carefully carve your shape, print onto coloured paper, then embellish with your favourite stickers, stamps and more. These cute polar bears and festive moustaches are great for all ages and simple to make.

Something tasty for those festive film nights – It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little indulgence, and you really can’t beat home baking when it comes to comfort food. Buy some star cutters to make your own iced biscuits, or try a quick and easy fruit cake – perfect with custard or ice-cream (or both – it is Christmas, after all!)

Gifts for those people who seem to have everything – In among the selection boxes, garish gadgets and good old socks, it can really make someone’s Christmas to open a handmade gift. This ‘Mr. Frosty’ is made from recycled jars filled with mints, or why not try making Christmas decorations that can be used year after year?

If you’re still stuck for ideas, then try Pinterest to see what other crafters have created and make your own theme boards for ideas. You could also visit a local craft market or shop – if you don’t find inspiration, you can always buy someone else’s festive creation instead! Have a merry crafting Christmas. [All images by rachel_typing]


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