How to Pick a Holiday for Beginners

Booking your first holiday is daunting. With the whole wide world and endless activities and attractions on offer, narrowing down your list can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Maybe you’ve always relied on a family member or partner to book your trips, or perhaps it’s your very first time travelling. Even the seasoned globetrotter can do with a few handy hints. Here’s five ideas for a hassle-free adventure.

1. Keep an open mind. Think you hate museums? Try something different, like the Comics Art Museum in Brussels or the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam. Whatever your interests, there will be a place dedicated to it somewhere which will provide a good starting point for your trip.

2. Look and book. Taking your time to find the best deals is a sensible option, but don’t spend so long searching that you miss out on your booking. Once you’ve got your travel, accommodation and insurance confirmed, you can then do the fun research like nailing your itinerary or finding that perfect rooftop bar.

3. Research. Once you’ve looked and booked, don’t forget to find out about the place you’re visiting. It really is worth spending a little time discovering the country and culture you’re going to (even if it’s local) – it builds excitement for your adventure ahead and makes you feel more comfortable when you’re there.

4. List your likes. Don’t rely on fancy photography or travellers’ tales to convince you to go somewhere. Think about what you would enjoy and pick a place to suit. Love cake? Try Paris or Vienna. Sports fan? Maybe skiing or a hiking holiday would suit. It’s your time; spend it doing something you love.

5. Ignore the weather. By all means play it smart – you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of monsoon season or an arctic frost, unless that’s exactly what you’re after – and that’s sort of the point. All adventures can be fun, whether it’s glorious sunshine or not. So don’t worry too much; just pack sensibly and enjoy it!

Choosing your holiday should be almost as much fun as the trip itself – it’s your time to be yourself, so choose a place that reflects your personality and interests. Every adventure will always have its highs and lows; it’s what makes travelling so addictive, so reviving, so inspiring. So what are you waiting for? Get booking!

Do you have your own top tips for booking a trip? Contact me @rachel_typing.

Love food? Seek out the best markets, like this one in Barcelona. Image by rachel_typing

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