Three to See – Alternative Artworks

Making weekend plans? Need some inspiration? Or maybe you just want an excuse to leave the laundry til later? Grab a sketchbook, your camera or a travel buddy, and head to any or all of these three exhibitions each offering an alternative kind of artwork. Guaranteed to give you something to talk about in the office come Monday morning.

1. North East Region’s Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition – Ripon Cathedral

Seeing works of embroidery exhibited in a religious building may not sound like your typical exhibition, but it will be one of your artistic highlights of the year. Taking the themes of architecture, contrasts, and an exhibition from the North, members of the North East Region’s Embroiderers’ Guild have made stunning wall-mounted and sculptural creations using a variety of stitching techniques and a myriad of materials. Literal and figurative depictions of buildings, landscapes, people and animals capture the imagination, while the intricacy and skill of the craftsmanship earns your admiration. Then take a look around you and admire the cathedral too – a remarkable work of art in itself. Open until 29 June 2017.

2. Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2017 – York Art Gallery

With such a proliferation of images online and access to art almost anywhere at any time, it can be challenging to see something new – but this collection of work by up-coming contemporary artists from across the world really does offer true sources of inspiration. A renowned arts publication, Aesthetica have once again selected an eclectic variety of artists to display in this year’s Art Prize Exhibition. Overall winner Adam Basanta deserves his accolade with ‘Curtain (white)’, a visual and aural spectacle that resonates with thought-provoking ideas about modern society. It shares a room with glass sculptures that look like delicate bags of water, thousands of colourful papercuts dangling from the ceiling, jars stuffed with boxing gloves, an interactive disc that magically tells the time when you touch it, and more. So, so much more. Visit, explore, and leave with your imagination racing. Open until 10 September 2017.

3. Yorkshire Pots and People – Lotherton Hall

The Edwardian estate of Lotherton Hall is home to a fine collection of ceramics. However, among the family heirlooms you’ll also currently find bold, angular forms nudging themselves onto shelves; curvaceous creations resting on a sideboard in a bedroom; glazed vessels that can hold neither wine nor roses. Works by contemporary ceramicists Rebecca Appleby, Loretta Braganza and James Oughtbridge have taken up temporary residence here alongside wares from renowned producers including Leeds Pottery and Burmantofts Pottery in ‘Yorkshire Pots and People‘, an exhibition celebrating the region’s clay heritage. Open until 31 December 2017.


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