Art in Focus: ‘A Picnic’ by Albert Wainwright

While The Hepworth Wakefield may be know for its sculptures by notable Yorkshire artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, among others, it also boasts a varied and inspiring collection of contemporary artworks collected over the course of more than eighty years.

In ‘A Contemporary Collection’ – an exhibition highlighting the collection’s diversity – prints, paintings, sculptures and ceramics introduce visitors to many more of the region’s artists, both known and unsung, with a selection curated by the gallery’s youth group, Art Social.

The Social’s attendees have selected some of their favourite pieces, penning poems to accompany the works as a reflection of their interpretation of the artwork and the ways in which it has inspired them, encouraging the visitor to do the same (including myself).

‘A Picnic’ by Castleford-born artists and designer Albert Wainwright is one of the selected highlights, paired with a playful poem capturing the simultaneous energy and peace captured in this delicate illustration. Layer upon layer of fine detail add movement to an otherwise still snapshot of family life; a children’s illustration with the intricacy and skill of fine art.


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