Mark Gatiss in Conversation

Mark Gatiss may not yet be a household name, but his contributions to British television are. Whether you relish the dark humour of The League of Gentlemen, are mesmerized by the ingenuity of the successfully regenerated Doctor Who, or marvel at the storytelling in Sherlock, you will have already come across Gatiss’ work.

There are also his television and film appearances; a talented actor with a flair for historical and theatrical characters in the likes of Taboo, Wolf Hall, and Game of Thrones, along with presenting documentaries and revealing his family heritage on Who Do You Think You Are? And not forgetting Lucifer Box, Gatiss’ fictional creation in three best-selling novels.

York Literature Festival brings Gatiss to the stage of the Grand Opera House; it is filled with fans who’ve come to know and love his work, all keen to discover what it takes to produce and harness such talent. The ‘in conversation’ element is provided by Robert Ross posing the questions (a writer whose career to date is just as fascinating).

Ross has obviously done his research, taking Gatiss and the audience on a journey through his career and pitching the questions we are all longing to know (will there be a return of The League of Gentlemen? for example – the answer is yes). Unusually, Sherlock is only referenced during the audience Q&A, but there is so much material to cover that it is barely missed.

The queue for the book signing after the show says all anyone need know about Gatiss – he’s not only hugely talented, but highly likeable too. Even those who came with someone else stayed behind, vowing to download Doctor Who once they got home. And from here, there can only be more greatness to come – so watch this space (or, rather, your television set).


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